Reading Newspapers – One Way to Expand Knowledge

On my part, I read the newspaper to keep myself updated. With the nature of my work right now – rotational shifts – I don’t have time to watch the news most of the times. Good thing there are a bunch of newspapers at my work, so during my free time I grab one and start reading it.

Reading newspapers not only keeps you updated with the current everyday situations, but it also expands your knowledge. Sure, watching TV is a much more better way to get news but not all of the contents in the newspaper are going to be shown on TV. Think of it like this: movies based on books (like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings for example) are more detailed and you get the better picture instead of watching the movie wherein they shortcut everything just to fit in the air time. Got my point? It’s just like newspapers.

Reading it also expands your views, opinions and ideas. So not unless you’re watching CNN, Fox News, Aljazeera all the time (which have very detailed news about certain topics by the way), newspapers are the way to go!