The Amazing Spiderman

I’m not a comic-boook fan or hard-core Spiderman fanatic but when I learned that the Amazing Spiderman had a totally new cast, I was kind of surprised. I’ve watched the first 3 Spiderman movies which starred Tobey Maguire the leading role and was kind of looking forward to see what will happen next. But the movie started all over again from the start, with Spiderman’s first love Gwen (Gwen came first before Mary Jane). I feel sad that Toby and the rest of the cast will no longer play in the Spiderman movies, but Andrew Garfield wasn’t all that bad. Same plot with the first Spiderman movie, Peter being bitten by a new species of spider, him fighting with his grandpa, his grandpa being killed by some criminal, meeting the girl of his dream and so on. Except with some lizard monster guy wanting to transform the entire city into super creatures – creatures like himself.


It started when Peter gave Prof. Curt Connors an algorithm that would help disabled/amputated person grow a fresh new limb – like a lizard would do to its tail.Prof. Connors happened to be disabled, just having one arm, but with the help of the algorithm he was lucky enough to grow a brand new arm. This came with a  side affect though: he would turn into an ultra (and ugly) strong human-like lizard. Seeing that being this kind of creature would “benefit” all of human kind, he decided to turn the entire city into monsters by spreading gas into the air. The Amazing Spiderman was able to stop Prof. Connors which is good because the city no longer has to worry about green and scaly. Haha.

Andrew Garfiled plays a good Spiderman, but I believe that Tobey Maguire played a better Peter Parker. Sure, Andrew is a lot cuter but it just seems that Tobey has the more genuine appeal to me. 😛
The only thing I didn’t like about the movie is that in order for Spiderman to shoot webs, he needed to make a device that will do the trick. How can you be Spiderman when you can’t shoot webs properly? Well I’m just saying.

Just watch the movie and enjoy it!


Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

“Release the Kraken!!!!”, my friend said when we were eating at a pizzeria. One of my friends said that we should be on a diet so that we don’t have to order too much. But we were thinking otherwise. Hahaaa!

Anyway, Clash of the Titans includes, yes, Greek Gods, mortal mere humans and ugly looking monsters (but beautifully created to make them look real living things in the movie). Back in the olden days, one of the kings decided to go against Zeus and in his rage, he disguised himself as that very king and got his queen pregnant. When the queen gave birth to the bastard son of Zeus, he killed her alongside with the innocent baby by having them locked in a coffin-like box and thrown into the sea. Cursing at Zeus, he was then turned into a monster.

A poor fisherman with his wife had a simple life, living off the sea. Trying to catch fish, he ended up hauling the dead queen and her baby – a baby who was still breathing. Being half mortal, half God was what made him survive his supposed destiny. The fisherman and her wife was so happy to be blessed with a child that they raised him as their own. His name was Perseus. One day, they went fishing near a monument of Zeus and there was rebellious soldiers who made the statue fall to its feet. Zeus, again in anger, sent Hades who had  killed all of the soldiers, including Perseus’ family.

Fate bought Perseus to the city of Argos where he found himself to be in a mission to save Argos’ princess from being sacrificed to the Kraken. Hades, having convinced his brother Zeus tha upon releasing the Kraken, the mere humans would start again believing, praying, loving Zeus and the gods – the very thing that keeps them alive and strong. The god of death, always being in the dark side had other plans. The Kraken would instead feed Hades and make him more powerful.

So Zeus’ plans had backfired. Luckily for him, he has Perseus who saved the city of Argos and even saved the gods. Cutting off Medusa’s head, turning the kraken into stone, and living happily ever after with the woman he loves. A win-win situation for all, even for us eating at the pizzeria. (A meal fit for the Titans, haha). Oh! except for Hades that is! 😛

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

This is one of the movies wherein they have a lot of twists, it keeps the audience wondering – who really is the werewolf? The werewolf after all, has dark brown human eyes and told Valerie (Red Riding Hood) to “Come away with me!”.

During the movie, you’ll never be quite sure of who the werewolf would be. Once you think you’re sure of who it is, up comes more confusing clues. After all, many people wants Valerie for themselves! Is it Peter, the woodcutter who wants to run away with Valerie and keep her for himself? Henry, a rich man with a weapons shop and loves Valerie so much? Perhaps Cesair, Red Riding Hood’s father who mysteriously went missing when the brave men of Daggerhorn went to once and for all kill the werewolf? Or maybe Valerie’s grandmother – like in the fairy tale who ends up being the wolf in the story?

Well, it’s up to you to decide who it is. 🙂

Most of the story takes place in the village of Daggerhorn and only a few scenes takes you to other places – the cave where they went to hunt the werewolf and Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house. At first, I thought that this movie might be boring – considering that it has a movie title based on a child’s story book tale. But it’s way beyond that. It’s just based on a children’s book, but it is more for mature audiences and has a dark aura to it. It has scenes of men being bloodily killed, chopped off hands, a girl using her body for the release of a prisoner, people being thrown into the brazen elephant to be cooked alive. (Actually the original torture device is called the brazen bull and emits a bull-like sound when its victims are being burned to death, an entertainment show to cruel emperors back then).

Besides the slightly morbid scenes, there is also a love triangle between Val, Peter and Henry. So it’s a little bit of suspense, horror, and love story all rolled into one. Well, ok so maybe not so much but still, at least it doesn’t stick to one category all throughout the story.

Movie is great! A nice movie to watch on a stormy Saturday night if you can’t go out to gimmick that day. 😉

Chronicles of Riddick


This is one movie that is just a action-packed like the Star Wars and Star Trek, but of course the plot is different from those two classical movies. I enjoyed watching Vin Diesel and his great fight moves. He always look so good in all his movies. 😉

Vin plays the role of Riddick, a guy from Furya who is fighting the entire Nepromunga people – colonizers for that matter. Their ruler, the Lord Marshall wants Riddick dead because of a prediction saying that he will be killed in the hands of a Furyan. He is also hunted by Toombs for a good price in a prison on Crematoria. He is eventually caught by Toombs but because Toombs hesitated to take 700k, his greed wanting more than that. But unfortunately, his greed led him to his failure, the guards discovering that Riddick was the prisoner of the Nepromunga. Now the Nepromungas are coming to Crematoria to kill the Furyan. Toombs was left in a cage like an animal while Riddick on the other hand, was able to escape this hellish prison and went to Helion Prime to finish off the very person who wants him dead.

As for all movies, it’s always the main character who wins the fight, so I’m guessing that you have a very good idea who won this fight. Not only did he win, but he also inherited the Lord Marshall’s position and power. It’s the Nepromunga saying and faith – You keep what you kill.