The Amazing Spiderman

I’m not a comic-boook fan or hard-core Spiderman fanatic but when I learned that the Amazing Spiderman had a totally new cast, I was kind of surprised. I’ve watched the first 3 Spiderman movies which starred Tobey Maguire the leading role and was kind of looking forward to see what will happen next. But the movie started all over again from the start, with Spiderman’s first love Gwen (Gwen came first before Mary Jane). I feel sad that Toby and the rest of the cast will no longer play in the Spiderman movies, but Andrew Garfield wasn’t all that bad. Same plot with the first Spiderman movie, Peter being bitten by a new species of spider, him fighting with his grandpa, his grandpa being killed by some criminal, meeting the girl of his dream and so on. Except with some lizard monster guy wanting to transform the entire city into super creatures – creatures like himself.


It started when Peter gave Prof. Curt Connors an algorithm that would help disabled/amputated person grow a fresh new limb – like a lizard would do to its tail.Prof. Connors happened to be disabled, just having one arm, but with the help of the algorithm he was lucky enough to grow a brand new arm. This came with a  side affect though: he would turn into an ultra (and ugly) strong human-like lizard. Seeing that being this kind of creature would “benefit” all of human kind, he decided to turn the entire city into monsters by spreading gas into the air. The Amazing Spiderman was able to stop Prof. Connors which is good because the city no longer has to worry about green and scaly. Haha.

Andrew Garfiled plays a good Spiderman, but I believe that Tobey Maguire played a better Peter Parker. Sure, Andrew is a lot cuter but it just seems that Tobey has the more genuine appeal to me. 😛
The only thing I didn’t like about the movie is that in order for Spiderman to shoot webs, he needed to make a device that will do the trick. How can you be Spiderman when you can’t shoot webs properly? Well I’m just saying.

Just watch the movie and enjoy it!


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