Starbucks Summer Promo 2012 Phase 3

The drinks featured in Phase 3 are totally different from the first 2 phases of the summer promotion. These featured beverages are not frappuccinos at all, but is still made with coffee. Yes, that’s right! Coffee. The exciting part still, is that it does not taste like the regular coffee that we are used to drinking. Refreshing, new, different. Definitely worth to be called a summer drink.

1. Very Berry Hibiscus SB Refreshers Beverage

A beverage made from coffee bean extract with bits of real blackberries. Taste great as is, but for those who wants it sweet, adding caramel or vanilla syrup would do the trick. Goes well with any of the lunch sandwiches.

2. Cool Lime SB Refreshers Beverage

Also made from coffee bean extract with a lemon wheel to add a sour punch to the taste buds. Kind of like lemonade but even better. For those who does not want it tangy and bright, adding vanilla or caramel syrup will help lessen the acidic kick in your  mouth.


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