Which USA President will likely help the economy more?

Which USA President will likely help the economy more?

picture c/o http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75398.html

I’ve been watching Fox News Channel a whole lot the past few days and they never fail to report that the US Economy is going downhill. One of the hosts even asked, “Are we still living the American Dream???”. Fox even reported that Canada is now richer than the USA, comparing it to house prices (if I’m not mistaken). It said something like the average Canadian household is worth about $40,000 more than their American counterparts. I on the other hand, still believed in the better opportunities there, wanting to share my knowledge and expertise in this great country. But upon seeing the situation there, I’m  not sure that I want to go back for the moment… Not until the economy is better.

And Obama’s job training programs promises educated employee-to-be’s but does not promise a sure job. The government spent millions for those training programs, which wouldn’t be so bad – if the end result would be a job with great pay. I’m just saying…. They should have spent those millions on job creating projects, not job training programs. But like what Donald Trump said, the government surely must be doing something to make their economy better – but what they’re doing is not making a significant impact. Well Donald, I agree with you on that.

Sad to say, I can’t believe that there are some people who wants to live in a very small moving house pulled by their trucks/cars.  Simplicity is better and happier said the interviewee… I’m not saying that it’s bad…. but that was never the America that I thought would turn out to be. Swapping a good sized house for a super small living space. I expected this country to be the almighty rich and powerful place – but why does it no longer show in the majority of people? Is a country rich and powerful when millions of small business and many citizens are without a job? And your president says to your hard working business built on blood, sweat and tears – “You didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen”… Hmmm… please enlighten my mind? Anyway, as long as the fighting spirit and faith is still there, that’s all that matters, right? Believing and hoping for the best.

So maybe Brad Meltzer is right in one of his Decoded Episodes – if Fort Knoxx is empty without anymore gold, this country might go back to having small communities, something like the Amish people. Which scares me. Of course I don’t want any country to go back to like living in the 17th century or whatever. We all deserve to progress to a better future, but we can’t do that without a very good leader to show us the right way –  to a better economy. President Obama, you maybe 60% more likeable than running candidate Congressman Romney, but likability won’t help the economy. I think you were given a few years to prove your worth, to show your country what you are capable of doing in terms of your economy. You are a good president, but maybe we need a better one… Maybe your time’s up, maybe Romney will be of better help if ever he is elected…. Good luck to the better man. 🙂




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