Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

This is one of the movies wherein they have a lot of twists, it keeps the audience wondering – who really is the werewolf? The werewolf after all, has dark brown human eyes and told Valerie (Red Riding Hood) to “Come away with me!”.

During the movie, you’ll never be quite sure of who the werewolf would be. Once you think you’re sure of who it is, up comes more confusing clues. After all, many people wants Valerie for themselves! Is it Peter, the woodcutter who wants to run away with Valerie and keep her for himself? Henry, a rich man with a weapons shop and loves Valerie so much? Perhaps Cesair, Red Riding Hood’s father who mysteriously went missing when the brave men of Daggerhorn went to once and for all kill the werewolf? Or maybe Valerie’s grandmother – like in the fairy tale who ends up being the wolf in the story?

Well, it’s up to you to decide who it is. πŸ™‚

Most of the story takes place in the village of Daggerhorn and only a few scenes takes you to other places – the cave where they went to hunt the werewolf and Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house. At first, I thought that this movie might be boring – considering that it has a movie title based on a child’s story book tale. But it’s way beyond that. It’s just based on a children’s book, but it is more for mature audiences and has a dark aura to it. It has scenes of men being bloodily killed, chopped off hands, a girl using her body for the release of a prisoner, people being thrown into the brazen elephant to be cooked alive. (Actually the original torture device is called the brazen bull and emits a bull-like sound when its victims are being burned to death, an entertainment show to cruel emperors back then).

Besides the slightly morbid scenes, there is also a love triangle between Val, Peter and Henry. So it’s a little bit of suspense, horror, and love story all rolled into one. Well, ok so maybe not so much but still, at least it doesn’t stick to one category all throughout the story.

Movie is great! A nice movie to watch on a stormy Saturday night if you can’t go out to gimmick that day. πŸ˜‰


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