How to Be Stress-free in Work?

Many things contribute to stress at work. I guess the number 1 reason of stress i having co-workers back stab you have does nothing else but spread lies about you. But hey! Just because you have people like these at work doesn’t mean you have to linger in negativity for eternity and be all plain stressed out. Big NO NO!!!

1. Just ignore what everyone else is saying about you and just confront them when things get out of hand.

2. Don’t talk to everyone about your problems and concerns. Remember, most of them don’t care about your situation and the rest just wants to hear something they can gossip about. Just share your feelings with your closest friends.

3. Smile. Keep smiling. But not at the point where you start to look like a psycho! Show them how happy you are. People who dislikes you gets even more insecure and pissed when they see you like you don’t care about rumors being spread about you. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. As long as you know who you really are, that’s what really matters.

4. Find some time to do what you love. Photography, road trips, moviethons, hanging out with your family! Whatever, just as long as it makes you happy.

5. Get enough rest/sleep and healthy food intake. After all, a sleepy and hungry person is like a bomb, ready to explode at any person. Highly irritable.

6. Let karma do the work for you. If you’re lucky, you can watch karma pay them a visit. 🙂

So keep stress-free! Happy day ahead for all!


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