Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

“Release the Kraken!!!!”, my friend said when we were eating at a pizzeria. One of my friends said that we should be on a diet so that we don’t have to order too much. But we were thinking otherwise. Hahaaa!

Anyway, Clash of the Titans includes, yes, Greek Gods, mortal mere humans and ugly looking monsters (but beautifully created to make them look real living things in the movie). Back in the olden days, one of the kings decided to go against Zeus and in his rage, he disguised himself as that very king and got his queen pregnant. When the queen gave birth to the bastard son of Zeus, he killed her alongside with the innocent baby by having them locked in a coffin-like box and thrown into the sea. Cursing at Zeus, he was then turned into a monster.

A poor fisherman with his wife had a simple life, living off the sea. Trying to catch fish, he ended up hauling the dead queen and her baby – a baby who was still breathing. Being half mortal, half God was what made him survive his supposed destiny. The fisherman and her wife was so happy to be blessed with a child that they raised him as their own. His name was Perseus. One day, they went fishing near a monument of Zeus and there was rebellious soldiers who made the statue fall to its feet. Zeus, again in anger, sent Hades who had  killed all of the soldiers, including Perseus’ family.

Fate bought Perseus to the city of Argos where he found himself to be in a mission to save Argos’ princess from being sacrificed to the Kraken. Hades, having convinced his brother Zeus tha upon releasing the Kraken, the mere humans would start again believing, praying, loving Zeus and the gods – the very thing that keeps them alive and strong. The god of death, always being in the dark side had other plans. The Kraken would instead feed Hades and make him more powerful.

So Zeus’ plans had backfired. Luckily for him, he has Perseus who saved the city of Argos and even saved the gods. Cutting off Medusa’s head, turning the kraken into stone, and living happily ever after with the woman he loves. A win-win situation for all, even for us eating at the pizzeria. (A meal fit for the Titans, haha). Oh! except for Hades that is! 😛


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