Chronicles of Riddick


This is one movie that is just a action-packed like the Star Wars and Star Trek, but of course the plot is different from those two classical movies. I enjoyed watching Vin Diesel and his great fight moves. He always look so good in all his movies. 😉

Vin plays the role of Riddick, a guy from Furya who is fighting the entire Nepromunga people – colonizers for that matter. Their ruler, the Lord Marshall wants Riddick dead because of a prediction saying that he will be killed in the hands of a Furyan. He is also hunted by Toombs for a good price in a prison on Crematoria. He is eventually caught by Toombs but because Toombs hesitated to take 700k, his greed wanting more than that. But unfortunately, his greed led him to his failure, the guards discovering that Riddick was the prisoner of the Nepromunga. Now the Nepromungas are coming to Crematoria to kill the Furyan. Toombs was left in a cage like an animal while Riddick on the other hand, was able to escape this hellish prison and went to Helion Prime to finish off the very person who wants him dead.

As for all movies, it’s always the main character who wins the fight, so I’m guessing that you have a very good idea who won this fight. Not only did he win, but he also inherited the Lord Marshall’s position and power. It’s the Nepromunga saying and faith – You keep what you kill.


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