Best Friends Aren’t There For Life…


Best Friends. Are they really the best? And is there such a thing? Like the anime characters Naruto and Sasuke, I used to have a person called a “best friend”. The first on in elementary, and she had the same name as I did. We did all sorts of things together, play in each others houses, roller blade and bike all over town, celebrate events together…. But then she had to move to the
Philippines with her entire family and that was the end of my happy best friend moments. I was really sad that time – my best friend has moved away to such a far away place – and no more best friend things to do, no more communication with each other.

The second best friend I had was in high school… Best friend in terms of being the smart outcasts and having things in common. In our sophomore years, she found another group of people which they had more things in common. There she goes again… But after she had gone, I was bless with two more best friends. You know in high school…. people you really like hanging out with are considered best friends. Lols! But they ended up going like the wind, too. In college, the other one had just disappeared like a bubble would – no trace of what happened to her. The other remaining best friend that I thought I had left got married without having even told me about it – nonetheless not even invited to her special moment in life! 😦 So those two are out of the picture. Some best friend, eh?

In college I no longer believed in best friends. Even if I can consider them best friends, I’d rather not… I’ll just call them close friends. Then again, I did have a best friend that I found during my senior year in college. We have a heck lot of things in common, more than my close friends did. Go to all sorts of places, eat whatever, go where ever! But for some sad reason, I can’t stay best friends with her either. Just when I thought I was mature enough to accept that best friends aren’t there for life, I thought I can have once last chance at it, but was proved wrong once more. It was nice while it lasted, though.

Best friends are like anime, not real, wont last long and in the end forgotten. Best friends are like fairy tales, not true, just something good to believe in. Or maybe I’m simply just not best friend material or I don’t deserve one. Either way, in my situation, best friends aren’t there for life.


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