Starbucks Summer Promo 2012 Phase 3

The drinks featured in Phase 3 are totally different from the first 2 phases of the summer promotion. These featured beverages are not frappuccinos at all, but is still made with coffee. Yes, that’s right! Coffee. The exciting part still, is that it does not taste like the regular coffee that we are used to drinking. Refreshing, new, different. Definitely worth to be called a summer drink.

1. Very Berry Hibiscus SB Refreshers Beverage

A beverage made from coffee bean extract with bits of real blackberries. Taste great as is, but for those who wants it sweet, adding caramel or vanilla syrup would do the trick. Goes well with any of the lunch sandwiches.

2. Cool Lime SB Refreshers Beverage

Also made from coffee bean extract with a lemon wheel to add a sour punch to the taste buds. Kind of like lemonade but even better. For those who does not want it tangy and bright, adding vanilla or caramel syrup will help lessen the acidic kick in your  mouth.


Starbucks Summer Promotion 2012 Phase 2

Phase 2 of the summer promotion 2012 gives a more Asian flavor to its drinks. More popular amongst the Japanese and Chinese, those with an eccentric taste and for those brave enough to try and acquire a taste for it.

1. Hojicha Tea Jelly

A somewhat toasty, sesame seed flavor to it with earl grey tea jelly to have a refreshing kick to it. Hojicha is a popular tea and Japan and is believed to be healthy, many of their children and elderly drinks it.

2. Red Bean Green Tea

Just the regular, delicious green tea cream frappuccino with added special sweet red beans on top. Some says it tastes kind of halo-halo.

Starbucks Summer Promotion 2012 Phase 1


Starbucks Summer Promotion 2012 Phase 1 features the following beverages:

1. Mocha Cookie Crumble

For lovers of cold chocolatey drinks, this a really good beverage to choose. Similar to the taste of Java Chip frappuccino, but with vanilla syrup, chocolate whip cream and cookie crumbs on top. Dark mocha frappuccino is not very far from its chocolateness!

2. Chocolate Cookie Crumble

The non-coffee version of mocha cookie crumble. Equally good comparing it to its counterpart, great for kids if parents don’t want their children to take in caffeine.

3. Strawberries and Cream

Favorite amongst children and those young at heart. Beautiful swirls of red in a snow white beverages entices the customer to try it out.

The Amazing Spiderman

I’m not a comic-boook fan or hard-core Spiderman fanatic but when I learned that the Amazing Spiderman had a totally new cast, I was kind of surprised. I’ve watched the first 3 Spiderman movies which starred Tobey Maguire the leading role and was kind of looking forward to see what will happen next. But the movie started all over again from the start, with Spiderman’s first love Gwen (Gwen came first before Mary Jane). I feel sad that Toby and the rest of the cast will no longer play in the Spiderman movies, but Andrew Garfield wasn’t all that bad. Same plot with the first Spiderman movie, Peter being bitten by a new species of spider, him fighting with his grandpa, his grandpa being killed by some criminal, meeting the girl of his dream and so on. Except with some lizard monster guy wanting to transform the entire city into super creatures – creatures like himself.


It started when Peter gave Prof. Curt Connors an algorithm that would help disabled/amputated person grow a fresh new limb – like a lizard would do to its tail.Prof. Connors happened to be disabled, just having one arm, but with the help of the algorithm he was lucky enough to grow a brand new arm. This came with a  side affect though: he would turn into an ultra (and ugly) strong human-like lizard. Seeing that being this kind of creature would “benefit” all of human kind, he decided to turn the entire city into monsters by spreading gas into the air. The Amazing Spiderman was able to stop Prof. Connors which is good because the city no longer has to worry about green and scaly. Haha.

Andrew Garfiled plays a good Spiderman, but I believe that Tobey Maguire played a better Peter Parker. Sure, Andrew is a lot cuter but it just seems that Tobey has the more genuine appeal to me. 😛
The only thing I didn’t like about the movie is that in order for Spiderman to shoot webs, he needed to make a device that will do the trick. How can you be Spiderman when you can’t shoot webs properly? Well I’m just saying.

Just watch the movie and enjoy it!

I Should Start Mall Hopping…

Most of the times, my friends aren’t available to go out, have other plans, work schedules that don’t meet with my day off or just simply don’t have the budget to go out. Ok, so maybe most of my friends do, but the friends that I do feel comfortable being with aren’t. Maybe I should don’t have friends who are interested in the things I like. For example, Mall of Asia. That’s a mall I rarely go to. Pathetic, perhaps, but that’s the truth. It’s pretty far from where I live and hard to get to but it looks like that in order for me to get to the more good looking malls, I got to get my butt out of the house, be willing to commute (from 1 to 3 hours – depending on the location), walk through rain or shine and just enjoy the very thought of it. Not only that, I will need to prepare a budget for that since by the time I get to the mall, I’d be hungry just from the travel time.

The malls I plan to explore more are:

1. Greenbelt Malls

Just walked through here, didn’t really stick around to check what’s really here. The place is really nice, also with really expensive shops. Maybe this is the reason why I don’t really go here, even though it’s just within the reach of my former work place.

2. The Podium

Just like the Greenbelt Malls, has high end shops. Not only that, but it’s a lot less accessible compared to Greenbelt. Commuting would be hard, having your own car to get there is better! So that’s the reason why I’ve just been here once.

3. Market Market! / Bonifacio Hight Street

Now this is a mall that would take me at least 3 hours to get to (on a traffic-jammed day!). The only reason why I was able to go here a few times was because I just joined a friend of mine who happened to have a car. Market Market somewhat looks like Trinoma Mall, having their activity area/stage in the center with shops encircling it. Bonifacio High Street on the other hand is way different. Like its name, “High Street”, are riddled with high end stores. A mall surely meant for the extremely rich. But for people like me, it’s a mall to awe, take great photos and just enjoy walking through the American-style mall. No 2nd or 3rd floors, just open space – ground floor.

4. Mall of Asia

Just gone here at most 3 times, and 2 of the reasons why I remember that I was here is because I attended a convention. So I had no real time to check the place out. I think I’ll be too lazy to fully explore this on my own because of its sheer size. Going places with a friend is a lot more fun after all.

5. SM North

Another one of those malls owned by Henry Sy. Not your typical boring looking SM Malls like SM Manila, Sta. Mesa… But it’s those boring looking malls that I’m at most of the times. Hahahaa! SM North is also pretty big and I don’t really wander to that area.

6. Powerplant

Small, yet sophisticated and elegant mall. Been here just to eat at my co-workers’ birthday blowouts and watched a movie once. Movie theater is pretty small, but seats are comfy and sounds great.

As for the pictures of the other malls, I’m sorry that I was not able to upload any. Couldn’t find any decent photos on the internet. But I will post pictures that I will take using my digicam once I am able to explore the said malls, including others. It’s Dora the Explorer mode! Lols…

Reading Newspapers – One Way to Expand Knowledge

On my part, I read the newspaper to keep myself updated. With the nature of my work right now – rotational shifts – I don’t have time to watch the news most of the times. Good thing there are a bunch of newspapers at my work, so during my free time I grab one and start reading it.

Reading newspapers not only keeps you updated with the current everyday situations, but it also expands your knowledge. Sure, watching TV is a much more better way to get news but not all of the contents in the newspaper are going to be shown on TV. Think of it like this: movies based on books (like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings for example) are more detailed and you get the better picture instead of watching the movie wherein they shortcut everything just to fit in the air time. Got my point? It’s just like newspapers.

Reading it also expands your views, opinions and ideas. So not unless you’re watching CNN, Fox News, Aljazeera all the time (which have very detailed news about certain topics by the way), newspapers are the way to go!